The Storms Bolt


HP: 120
AC: 16

Saves: Dexterity 9 and Intelligence +8
Strength: 12 (
Dexterity: 20 (5)
Constitution: 16 (
Intelligence: 18 (4)
Wisdom: 8 (-1)
Charisma: 12 (

Spell Save: 16

Multiattack: Xanar shoots 2 arrows at his target. +9 to hit 1d10 + 5 piercing + 1d4 Lightning damage

Lightning Rod: Xanar shoots an arrow made from lightning attracting metal. +4 to hit 1d12 piercing damage. While the arrow is in the target, the target makes saves for lightning based attacks with disadvantage.

Lightning Bolt: Xanar shoots a lightning bolt from his bow. Dealing 8d6 damage on a failed save.

Lightning reflexes: when Xanar succeeds in a save he takes no damage instead of half. And only half if he fails.

Eye of the Storm: All ranged weapon attacks against Xanar are made with disadvantage if they are made further then 20ft away.

Wrath of Ukko: Xanar channels the power of Ukko inside of his bow for a turn, creating a lightning infused arrow. When he shoots this arrow on his next turn, it will change in to a raven made out of lightning. Dealing 10d10 Lightning damage in a 30ft by 100ft line if they fail a dexterity save. If the target is under the effect of Lightning Rod it fails the save automatically.



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